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Midwest Rug Cleaning Based in Minnesota

The Best of the Twin Cities Award - Rug Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN
Regular Wash - The wash for rugs that don't have many problems: Pre-spotting is done to the rug and fringe - Vacuumed, shampoo, rinse, brush, and dry.
Restoration wash - pre inspect rug for special conditions.
Dust - Dry particle soil evacuation. A thorough method of pre-cleaning rugs.
Wash - A hand washing in a submersion bath assures a complete cleaning. Compressed air provides a gentle Jacuzzi effect.
Decontaminator bath - contaminates & odor like urine, mold, and mildew dictate use of appropriate treatments and procedures.
Rinse - Complete flushing away of soils and cleaning material assures clean clear through dry. Speed and efficiency during dry.
All Rugs
Post detail - Final spotting to remove any foreign materials.
Repairs and restorations - Per your request repairs are made on a quoted price per rug.
Options available Reweaving or reinforcement – we can take care of it
Refringing and serging
Pads - available for rugs on hardwood, tile or carpet, whichever you require.
Air dust- Dry soil removal only, like a thorough vacuum.
Pre dry - For wet or water damaged rugs.
Treatment for moths and insects.
Wrapping for storage or shipping.
At Keljiks Oriental Rug Cleaning we have Expert appraisals.
Pick-up and delivery in the metro area.